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If you want to learn Spanish you have to go to a Spanish speaking country.
The miners of Bolivia have set up a school to teach in small groups at very affordable prices. The money they raise goes to support the miners and their families.


When people fight back against oppresion and exploitation they sometimes get imprisoned or worse. As an individual you can do something to help through Amnesty international


When lake Maracibo was dredged to allow for oil tankers it let to the destitution of the indigenous Wayuu peoples. The Wayuu Taya Foundation was set up to assist and support these peoples


Globalisation has affected everybody in the world. From the rain forests to the cities big businesses boom and ordinary people suffer, join the fight back with globalise resistance.


Guayasamin is Ecuadors greatest painter. He seems to have taken up where Picaso stopped. He paints what it means to be disposessed.


One of the biggest causes of poverty in the world is war. The war in Iraq still drags on, the shameless occupation and destruction of a country in the quest for oil.


Stuck in London on a Wednesday night, go to "what's cookin'...", its got the best little stage in town. Some Saturdays too.


Love music, hate racism, well get involved and do something about the rise of racism and fascism. an offshoot of the Anti Nazi League with lots of good vibes.


If you have any trouble with your computer or your network give iguana-digital a call. The friendly and knowledgeable staff are sure to get you out of your fix. And its a women friendly service.


Control your personal data the campaign organisation opposed to the government's planned ID card and the National Identity Register...Big Brother is only 21 years late!


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